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The Mythic Call

light beings 1

One of the main teachings of the ancients is that our spirit never dies, and that it incarnates from the celestial realm to the terrestrial plane from to time to time. Generally, this happens to accomplish a grand universal mission through entering into a sacred contract. This theme has been dramatized by the popular Star [...]


Natural Born Healers


Within each of us is a capacity to heal.. to bring into balance, that which is out of sync with our general well-being. In fact, if given the proper environment many of us can heal from most maladies with little or no external assistance. However, if the immune system is challenged or compromised – we [...]


What Are We Teaching Our Sons?


A Good Question! Brothers, As I look about daily and interact with our male-children or young men, I’m disturbed by what I see. Our sons give forth a reflection of what they see and have learned from us, and the reflection is not a pretty picture. Now, many of you may say that you haven’t [...]


A Tribute To My Mom


My mother, now deceased, was Dorothy (Ellmer) Oliver. As far as we know, she was born on August 6, 1913-14 (under the astrological sign of Leo) in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was Amanda (Ellmer) Oliver of Virginia. Her father was unknown to her – something which deeply troubled her until her death. According to my [...]


I Remember Dad

Dad During WWII In The Navy

My father was born, William Henry Pinder Jr, on August 22, 1910 (in the astrological sign of Virgo) in Baltimore, Maryland. He was an African-American – the eldest son of 11 children of Pearl Nora Lee and William Henry Pinder Sr. Grandma Pearl was said, by various family members, to have referred to herself as [...]

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