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The Inner Quest

labyrinth_1 349 x 338

In an age where individuals and families are impacted by technology, mobility, and a driving urge to be successful – there often arises an inner disturbance, a dissatisfaction from within which refuses to be appeased by our attempts to go on with “business as usual”. Today, more than ever before, modern technology has enabled people [...]


The Alien Within


Through the years there has been much talk about an “alien conspiracy” – of extraterrestrial beings from different galaxies, and alternate dimensions… possessing malevolent intent, and designs against humanity, and the world in which we live. Even in the realm of religion and spirituality, much has been cited about “demons and lurking entities” awaiting opportunities [...]


Harmonic Infusion™


Harmonic Infusion™ is an innate and multidisciplinary approach to “hands on” healing, which is grounded in the principles of AtMu-Ra™. It seeks to create an harmonious setting for the client through the integration of select modalities and methods that will provide an optimum experience favorable for healing. As suggested by its name, “harmony” is central [...]


What Is A Daddy?

father and son 1

The annual celebration of Father’s Day, here in the USA, calls into question the thought-forms, deeds, and lifestyles of men – in the context of family with the rearing, and mentoring of children. Much can be said about patriarchy, and the way many men have fallen short in their responsibilities, of helping to contribute to [...]


You Can Be Part Of The Solution


Recent information concerning the Gulf of Mexico drilling crisis has revealed that the Earth’s crust in the region has released a great pressure pocket of oil and subterranean substances, which are harmful to the environment and our eco-system. These are indeed hard facts… whether culpability is ignorance, accidental, or intentional. It serves no purpose at [...]

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