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12 Attributes Of Manhood

Sultan_Chess_Piece_Knight 231 x 350

One of the first things that a visitor notices about our community – Earth SonSpirit – is the animation featuring 12 circling photos with identifying terms under them. They are called the 12 Attributes Of Manhood. There’s a saying in western material society which cites “the difference between men and boys, are the price of [...]


Sacred Masculinity

lightbearer-sacredmasculine 267 x 350

SACRED MASCULINITY: A Path Toward Men’s Healing and Self-Discovery By Dr. Bill Pinder . CHOOSING A DIFFERENT DIRECTION Men are beginning to wake up to the reality that we are facing a formidable adversary which reeks havoc in our daily lives and the world in which we live. It bears no human or material form, [...]


The Golden Age: A Paradise Lost


Many of us can relate to the trauma of losing something of value, whether it was a friendship – a love relationship – a keepsake – an heirloom – or something else intrinsically special in nature. Usually, the “pain of loss” is even greater when that which is no longer with us – was devalued [...]


Love: The Highest Vibration

Heart Crop Circle 350 x 251

When we speak of the energetic aspect known as vibration, we acknowledge that the field of science was not the first to observe this. It was instead, ancient philosophy – several thousand years ago, Hermetic Principles purported that “nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” The writers of The Kybalion, continue to state: “This Principle explains [...]

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