The Power Of Saying “No”

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Believe it or not, one of the most powerful and empowering words of the human vocabulary – regardless of language – is the term, No.

Toddlers seem to know this instinctively, soon after they begin forming sentences. Observe how often they use this term with forcefulness and dedication.

While the term Yes (with the symbolism of a green traffic light) suggest safety, continuance, agreement and commitment – No (representing a red traffic light) denotes peril, discontinuance, disagreement and non-commitment.

In a modern climate of political correctness, where one chooses to go along to get alongNo seems to be too radical, too bold and too direct to use with it’s intended meaning.

It is a good thing to be amicable and accepting, but not at the expense of one’s wisdom and self worth. Boundaries must established and recognized for the purpose of one’s integrity and wholeness. There’s a time for Yes, and there’s a time for No.

True wisdom is knowing when to say No, and mean it. It’s all a part of knowing (and letting others know) who you are, and what you’re standing for. When used correctly, as a declaration of your personal boundaries, it becomes a tool of personal empowerment.

When’s the last time that you’ve taken a stand, and made your position clear?


Saying No and Setting Boundaries


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