Self Healing

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One of the greatest gifts and abilities that each of us have been given is that of self healing.

Many persons believe that healing is the result of some great force outside of ourselves – and while there is a significant part which eternal factors play, Universal or Natural Law reminds us that “as above, so below (vice versa)”… and “as within, so without (vice versa)”. Yes, although it is true that eternal sources and practitioners of healing arts can offer great assistance in connecting, and nurturing our energy vibration from a lower status to a higher level – the ability to heal is an innate inner resource written within the very fabric of nature.

From micro organisms to fully developed plant-life, animals, and humans – we all have an “inner healing mechanism” that when given the “proper supportive” environment and circumstances, can overcome life threatening challenges.

As a Vibrational Energy Specialist, and particularly as a student, practitioner, and teacher of Reiki – the power of the “inner healer” was driven home with the focus of harnessing personal energy self-healing. In Reiki, one is taught use your energy for your own healing daily – even before attempting to assist healing someone else. This is the main focus of Level 1 Reiki.

However, you don’t have to be a student of Reiki to heal yourself. Just find a way to regularly connect with, and channel your “inner healer” for health and vitality. It works!

Please note, that in some instances – depending on the nature of your health challenge, and the energy level of your “inner healer” – you may require external assistance from other healing resources, and/or practitioners for a speedy recovery. In this cause, make sure that the method that you use to assist you – is the best beneficial resource available.


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I Create EveryThing – Visualize Self Healing

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  1. J Hicks says:

    Just wanted to give mad props from Germany, great information. Much appreciated.

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