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SonSpirit Lodge


The Vision Quest is an important experiential encounter with the realm of “Spirit” and the Divine within primal indigenous societies. Although it is known and popularized by North American Native peoples (Native Americans)… a variation of the practice can be found in additional “nature centric cultures” around the world. Also known as a “solitary retreat”, [...]


Path To Becoming A Man


In contemporary western society there are no standard guidelines, handbooks or manuals on how a male is to become a man. In fact, title “man” is usually defined as, and universally bestowed upon a male who has reached a fully legal accountable age. There is no ritual “rite of passage”, for a male-child to undergo [...]


The Wisdom Of Rest Cycles In Nature

fall-leaves 333 x 295

We have the distinct privilege of being both an observer of, and a participant in the vibrational cycles of nature. Each role affords us a vantage point of receiving valuable information, which can be utilized for our personal education and edification. The concept of rest is an important aspect of the process of life. Just [...]


The Spirit Of Gratitude

gratitude 211 x 314

Many nations and cultures have set aside a special time or day of thankfulness, to honor the spirit of gratitude which lives within each of us. Gratitude is actually is an expression of love, in which we acknowledge our appreciation for all that we have received from “The Source Of All That Is”, family, friends [...]

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