Path To Becoming A Man


In contemporary western society there are no standard guidelines, handbooks or manuals on how a male is to become a man.

In fact, title “man” is usually defined as, and universally bestowed upon a male who has reached a fully legal accountable age. There is no ritual “rite of passage”, for a male-child to undergo to hone his skills, or prove himself. Very loosely, society expects him to be the legal age, exercising responsibility and accountability for his actions – without being taught or tested in how to act.

In some instances, it has been said that the difference between a man and a boy – is the price of his toys… or his ability to earn a living, hold a position of responsibility, accumulate – manage property, and legally marry a woman.

However, I submit to you that these “measurements” fall extremely short of defining manhood – for these are just trained responses which never speak to the character, the true essence, and divine gifts of the individual.

Last Winter, Earth SonSpirit ( an online virtual community promoting “men’s healing and wellness through self-discovery” – addressed this issue by establishing a monthly perpetual online “rites of passage” program for men… entitled, Path To Becoming A Man.

This program uses The 12 Attributes Of Manhood to provide each seeker a transformational journey within, which is designed to enable him in discovering… and utilizing his own unique gifts, skills, and abilities as he navigates the course of his life journey.

This tool is provided “free of charge” on a perpetual basis to male members of Earth SonSpirit. If you would like to experience such an adventure, consider joining the ESS Community.





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