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The Vision Quest is an important experiential encounter with the realm of “Spirit” and the Divine within primal indigenous societies. Although it is known and popularized by North American Native peoples (Native Americans)… a variation of the practice can be found in additional “nature centric cultures” around the world.

Also known as a “solitary retreat”, or a “shamanic journey” the event takes the seeker on an inner journey – to interact with, and receive personal information from the Divine for personal growth.

It entails leaving familiar surroundings, and going to a special “sacred space” that has been designated and set aside for the journey.

Last Winter, Earth SonSpirit ( an online virtual community promoting “men’s healing and wellness through self-discovery” – embraced this practice by establishing a seasonal perpetual online virtual “vision quest/solitary retreat” program for men… entitled, SonSpirit Lodge.

This program uses four shamanic archetypes (The Warrior, The Healer, The Visionary, The Teacher), and four climate seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) – as well as a basic understanding of the Seven Hermetic Principles – to provide each seeker a transformational journey within, which is designed to confront him in his current state, and enable him in discovering… and utilizing his own natural skill-set and abilities for deeper insight and growth.

This tool is provided “free of charge” on a perpetual basis to male members of Earth SonSpirit. If you would like to experience such an adventure, consider joining the ESS Community.





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