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No Regrets

No Regrets 295 x 279

One major factor which serves as a hindrance in preventing people from moving ahead in life is living in the past, and either re-living the nostalgia of the “good old days”, or lamenting decisions that were made which have led to their current reality. When the focus is on yesterday, rather than today… there’s usually [...]


On Being A Victim

crosshairs 300 x 300

Life isn’t always fair. There are times when we find ourselves in “the bottom of the barrel”, or at the “short end of the stick”. Sometimes, this experience is merited by our words and deeds – while other times there is no known notable cause for our predicament. We are simply targeted and at the [...]


Chanting, Toning and Moaning: Vocal Vibration Resonance


Apart from the visual sensation of light – sound is an audible vibration which many of us are accustomed to experience on a daily basis. Wholesome and pleasing sounds are referred to as resonance, while discordant and revolting sounds are known as dissonance. The use of wholesome and pleasing sounds for the purpose of healing [...]


Developing Men Through Rites Of Passage

Male Initiate

By: Yusuf Kaba Imhotep, The MoundBuilder The concept of what a man is continues to be greatly debated. These days the dominant idea of men are, Bread winners, Head of Household, dogs, enemies, or Mates, to name a few. The question oft-times remains, “What are the qualities that truly define a man?” Our ancient cultures [...]

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