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Don’t Forget Compassion


We hear it today, more so than ever before – be passionate about life and all that you do, for this is the key to success. This is an essential message and precept which emerges from most self-improvement and motivational philosophies. Passion is the fuel which drives us in all of our endeavors. It unleashes [...]


Forgiveness: A Personal Journey


The end of this month completes my first year-long experience of independent bloging outside of an established online community. It began as a challenge and birthday gift to myself, to initiate and begin a process of online sharing, rooted in my work of Alternative Healthcare. It has been a rewarding endeavor, for in the sharing [...]


Forgiveness: A Deep Healing Tool


It has been said that there is tremendous power in the act of forgiveness. Just about every religious and spiritual practice teaches the importance of this noble and compassionate act. However, what is often overlooked is that forgiveness is not primarily for the person who has wronged us… it is rather for those of us [...]


Believe In Yourself

believe-in-yourself 299 x 300

We live in an age of self improvement. All around us are gurus and products related to this theme. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Why is this so? It could be said that in the midst of profound, and sometimes abrupt – political, economical, social, and ecological shifts – that people do what [...]

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