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Energy Shift Discomfort

energy fields 300 x 294

Although we may get caught up in the adventures and exploits of a material reality… there’s a whole lot more to life than many of us care to acknowledge. Through the discipline of science, particularly in the fields of biology and physics – we discover that there’s an invisible world which exists just below the [...]


Inner Growth: The Last Frontier

labyrinth z

What Is Inner Growth? Inner Growth is an intentional focus on cultivating and caring for that often unexplored and neglected side of our lives… our true self – the world within. While it’s true that people are social beings, driven to interact with external phenomena, and to make their mark among others in the world [...]


HONOR – Searching For A Deeper Meaning


Here, in the West, we live in a highly competitive and recognition driven society. From the earliest age, children are taught to be the best – that being “number one” should be the ultimate goal. While on the surface, there is nothing really wrong with having high expectations and great motivational imperatives… too much competition, [...]


Conscious Men Speak


There’s a new breeze in the air. After countless years of androcentric reign and influence, there’s a new male paradigm which has been emerging along with the rise of the Divine Feminine. Men of conscience, from all walks of life, who have become wearied by the old patriarchal “business as usual” motif – have begun [...]

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