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There’s a new breeze in the air. After countless years of androcentric reign and influence, there’s a new male paradigm which has been emerging along with the rise of the Divine Feminine.

Men of conscience, from all walks of life, who have become wearied by the old patriarchal “business as usual” motif – have begun the process of reclaiming and activating the lost and shut-down parts of themselves. The process varies according to the experiences of each man, and his openness to growth, and self-development. However, it is a genuine spiritual awakening occuring globally both individually, and collectively in this time and space.

10 years ago, I was led to create Earth SonSpirit, a Yahoo community (now hosted at to share with others – my personal quest and insights into what I referred to as Sacred Masculinity. Nine days later (January 22, 2001), I wrote the following to women members of the group:

You are the ones who walk the path of the great Earth Mother. Your
spirit holds the secrets of womb-magik, the wisdom of soul-speak, and
the traditions of the ancients. We salute you sacred ones, and seek
your assistance on our journey.

We admit that, in many instances, we have fallen short of the mark
and have become less than what we actually are. We also acknowledge
that often we have not treated you with the honor and the respect
which you deserve. For these and other unnamed misdeeds – we tender
to you our apology and seek your forgiveness.

Although many of us are slow to act and to throw-off those things
which hold us back (and keep us from the healing which is needed to
go forward) – it is our intention to find and embrace our
sacred “SonSpirit”.

As my wife, and I, had previously discussed (on many occasions) the horrific reality of patriarchy – I knew that in my search and growth, this issue must be addressed – and an apology tendered for the abuses of my gender.

I was elated recently to have the opportunity to see the video “Dear Woman”, and view a live discussion with Gay Hendricks, Arjuna Ardagh and Jeff Brown – on the concept of conscious men pertaining to the “apology” (aka A Manifesto For Conscious Men).

To personally know that there are other men, who expressed equal sentiments, and are walking a similar path makes my heart sing!


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  1. That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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