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Being Your Own Village


. The following article is a posting from Daily Om ( Residing At The Helm: Being Your Own Village Sometimes we need to be our own village and utilizing all of our skills and learning more. Simple survival requires us to be in possession of many skills. The pursuit of dreams requires many more. Most [...]


What About Loneliness?

loneliness 213 x 250

Loneliness is a powerful personal dilemma that is quite pervasive in the world today, particularly in contemporary society. It is an experience where one feels estranged, separated or cut off from the rhythm of life. At first glance, it could be said that at the core of loneliness is a reality of being physically alone; [...]


A Matter Of Sovereignty

Jump For Joy 240 x 175

Before there was a document which supported the notion of the “sovereign rights and liberties” of the individual, over the “special rights” of monarchs, nobles and clergy… there was, in an earlier time, a simple common acknowledgement among ancient peoples that our origin and make-up was of a divine nature. According to the study of [...]


Do Your Own Research

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On several occasions I’ve been asked to expound further on my previous blog posts. While I understand the desire to know more on a particular subject, please note that the intent of the post was not to be a treatise or discourse – but, a kernel… something to stimulate the thought process, and wet the [...]

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