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My Road To Recovery!

forest road with light 511 x 404

This is the last segment of a three part series on my recent ordeal, continuing from Physician Heal Thyself. Let me continue: Needless to say, my experience was quite traumatic – even though others have experienced worse. I’m grateful that it did not escalate to something more horrendous. I’m glad to be home, in a [...]


Physician Heal Thyself!

Healing hands

This is Part 2 of a blog series started with This Can’t Happen To Me Let me continue: I spent 4 days in ICU. It was not a pleasant experience being wired to a heart monitor, receiving an IV drip with two antibiotics, having additional blood pressure drugs fed to me around the clock, and [...]


This Can’t Happen To Me!

Pneumonia 262 x 250

My friends, what I am about to share with you is a harrowing experience that I just recently encountered. Although, I exclaimed “This can’t happen to me” – I assure you that it did. I will set this story forth in a three (3) part blog series, entitled This Can’t Happen To Me – Part [...]

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