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Winter – A Season Of Slumber

winter solstice

. The following article appears in DailyOm . A Season Of Slumber Winter In times past, the bare-limbed trees, long nights, and biting chill of winter signified to all that the time had come to slow down. Humanity emulated the animals, retreating into cozy dwellings where they sustained themselves on foods harvested late in autumn [...]


11:11:11 – A Paradigm Shift?


The following article was written by Bruce Fenton at 2012 Rising. 11-11-11 Synchronicity & Meaningful Coincidence For many years now a growing number of people have been experiencing the so called 11-11 phenomenon. This is the experience of becoming acutely aware of seeing the number 11, but especially when it appears somewhere twice. It is [...]


Listening To Our Bodies

Listen To Your Body  270 x 260

. The following article is reprinted from the Daily Om: Listening To Our Bodies Illness Lessons When our body, mind, and spirit are in balance, we experience good health. But sometimes we get caught up in life’s parade of change and movement, and things get out of balance. Just as there are seasons in nature, [...]


My Road To Recovery!

forest road with light 511 x 404

This is the last segment of a three part series on my recent ordeal, continuing from Physician Heal Thyself. Let me continue: Needless to say, my experience was quite traumatic – even though others have experienced worse. I’m grateful that it did not escalate to something more horrendous. I’m glad to be home, in a [...]


Caring For The Self

caringfortheself 283 x 267

Caring For The Self Guest Writer: Molly Hartwick Serious and terminal illnesses often bring about a wealth of changes in people’s lives, both positive and negative. The stress and challenges of facing that illness day to day can wear on a person, often leaving a feeling of personal lack. Focusing on inner growth and/or spiritual [...]

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