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Harmonic Infusion™


Harmonic Infusion™ is an innate and multidisciplinary approach to “hands on” healing, which is grounded in the principles of AtMu-Ra™. It seeks to create an harmonious setting for the client through the integration of select modalities and methods that will provide an optimum experience favorable for healing. As suggested by its name, “harmony” is central [...]


Energy Renewal

energy anatomy

We are currently facing an energy crisis. Although there are many situations and factors which would cause us to focus on the world around us, the crisis of which I speak is not external in nature – but rather internal in scope. The crisis is within us. The Human Energy Field is a renewable and [...]


Vibrational Drum Therapy


Vibrational Drum Therapy is a gentle, non-invasion, alternative healing modality – and an ancient technique practiced in many cultures using the vibration and rhythm of drum beats to promote relaxation and well-being. In Vibrational Drum Therapy, also known as Drum Massage, the client lies in a relaxed position on a bed or treatment table while [...]


Energetic Tattooing

earth_hands 437 x 348

Since our incarnation on this terrestrial plane, humankind has had a fascination with the magical and mystical nature of symbols. There’s nothing which captures a concept or an intended action, like the use of a symbol. Through visual application, symbols penetrate our “eye gate” and speak directly to our mind, our heart, and our soul. [...]


The Essence Of AtMu-Ra™


I have often been asked to give an explanation of a technique that I personally use and have integrated into some of the healing modalities which I offer and teach, such as AtMu-Ra™ Reiki, Harmonic Infusion™, Energy Release Therapy, and Energetic Tattooing™. The Method In short, this technique – AtMu-Ra™ can best be defined as [...]

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