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Your Three Gifts

three gifts

. It is customary during this time of year, to consider and participate in the practice of gift giving. Some say it’s due to religious teachings and the impact of major celebrations of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, Yule, and etc. – others say the good cheer of the heart compensates for the [...]


Beware Of An Open Mind

Open Door Mind

. When I first thought about this article – I must admit, I had it all wrong. I thought that we should be on the look out for “closed minded” individuals – but the truth is that “the matrix” already has that area covered, and seems to be doing a very good job at it. [...]


Putting Yourself First

I Love Me

. The following article appears on the DailyOm: Putting Yourself First: Daily Self-Care Putting yourself first means that it may be necessary to say no to someone else… in order to say yes to yourself. . We have all heard the instructions of an airline attendant reminding us to put on our own oxygen mask [...]


Buried Issues – Hidden Emotions

swept under the rug 216 x 233

To be healed, or brought to a state of wellness – can be a daunting task, particularly when one has to engage all available personal resources. Besides financial assets, there must be a careful selection and application of the most appropriate and promising therapies. Also there must be commitment and patience of seeing the process [...]


Listening To Our Bodies

Listen To Your Body  270 x 260

. The following article is reprinted from the Daily Om: Listening To Our Bodies Illness Lessons When our body, mind, and spirit are in balance, we experience good health. But sometimes we get caught up in life’s parade of change and movement, and things get out of balance. Just as there are seasons in nature, [...]

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