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Self Healing

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One of the greatest gifts and abilities that each of us have been given is that of self healing. Many persons believe that healing is the result of some great force outside of ourselves – and while there is a significant part which eternal factors play, Universal or Natural Law reminds us that “as above, [...]


The Art Of Conscious Giving

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When one examines the nature of energy, several things are revealed: It’s never still, it’s always moving It’s frequency is either high or low It’s speed varies from fast to slow, and vice versa It’s flow is projective, and it’s ebb is receptive It is interesting to note that what can be said of energy, [...]


AtMu-Ra™ Reiki

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AtMu-Ra™ Reiki Not New, But Different There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding emerging alternative modalities. At first glance, we think that this is due to our yearning for something new – but with a closer examination, we find in truth, that “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Ancient truths and practices are [...]

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