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This Can’t Happen To Me!

Pneumonia 262 x 250

My friends, what I am about to share with you is a harrowing experience that I just recently encountered. Although, I exclaimed “This can’t happen to me” – I assure you that it did. I will set this story forth in a three (3) part blog series, entitled This Can’t Happen To Me – Part [...]


HONOR – Searching For A Deeper Meaning


Here, in the West, we live in a highly competitive and recognition driven society. From the earliest age, children are taught to be the best – that being “number one” should be the ultimate goal. While on the surface, there is nothing really wrong with having high expectations and great motivational imperatives… too much competition, [...]


Translation Please!

Flag Globe

This article is for our international readers. Although English is my native tongue, and the only language that I can read, write and speak… this not the case for many of my readers worldwide, who are multi-lingual. It was suggested recently from one of my readers, that I consider adding a “global translator” to my [...]


Natural Born Healers


Within each of us is a capacity to heal.. to bring into balance, that which is out of sync with our general well-being. In fact, if given the proper environment many of us can heal from most maladies with little or no external assistance. However, if the immune system is challenged or compromised – we [...]


Divine Blessings!

Welcome to my new blog page! As you can see, I’m just getting started here… getting things organized and set up – so please bear with me! From the look of the structure I’m laying here, my vision is far reaching for offerings that will be shared. So, come back often and see the progress. [...]

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