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Believe In Yourself

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We live in an age of self improvement. All around us are gurus and products related to this theme. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Why is this so? It could be said that in the midst of profound, and sometimes abrupt – political, economical, social, and ecological shifts – that people do what [...]


The Power Of Saying “No”

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Believe it or not, one of the most powerful and empowering words of the human vocabulary – regardless of language – is the term, No. Toddlers seem to know this instinctively, soon after they begin forming sentences. Observe how often they use this term with forcefulness and dedication. While the term Yes (with the symbolism [...]


I Must Not Fear

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Fear is one of the primary emotions, which we all possess. Similarly, like the element of fire – it has its favorable and unfavorable qualities… and should be handled with great care. Failure to exercise caution, and respectful handling of this great moving emotion will result in systemic destruction. As an e-motion, a built-in fight [...]

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