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Inner Growth: The Last Frontier

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What Is Inner Growth? Inner Growth is an intentional focus on cultivating and caring for that often unexplored and neglected side of our lives… our true self – the world within. While it’s true that people are social beings, driven to interact with external phenomena, and to make their mark among others in the world [...]


Believe In Yourself

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We live in an age of self improvement. All around us are gurus and products related to this theme. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Why is this so? It could be said that in the midst of profound, and sometimes abrupt – political, economical, social, and ecological shifts – that people do what [...]


The Alien Within


Through the years there has been much talk about an “alien conspiracy” – of extraterrestrial beings from different galaxies, and alternate dimensions… possessing malevolent intent, and designs against humanity, and the world in which we live. Even in the realm of religion and spirituality, much has been cited about “demons and lurking entities” awaiting opportunities [...]

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