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My Road To Recovery!

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This is the last segment of a three part series on my recent ordeal, continuing from Physician Heal Thyself. Let me continue: Needless to say, my experience was quite traumatic – even though others have experienced worse. I’m grateful that it did not escalate to something more horrendous. I’m glad to be home, in a [...]


Doctors Need To Become Healers, Part II (Opinion)


Continued From Part I By Hesh Goldstein How can a medical doctor help you health wise? They are not healers. They are symptom treaters. They lack the pertinent knowledge because the medical schools do not teach nutrition or the natural reactions of the biological process of the human body. It is quite the paradox that [...]


Doctors Need To Become Healers, Part I (Opinion)


A brief survey of the history of healthcare education, practices and policy, here in the U.S. – will reveal envy, jealousy, hidden agendas, and a major onslaught of dubious corporate influence (at the turn of twentieth century)… which has severely damaged the medical profession – replacing it with a singular medical cabal as we now [...]

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