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A Matter Of Sovereignty

Jump For Joy 240 x 175

Before there was a document which supported the notion of the “sovereign rights and liberties” of the individual, over the “special rights” of monarchs, nobles and clergy… there was, in an earlier time, a simple common acknowledgement among ancient peoples that our origin and make-up was of a divine nature. According to the study of [...]


The Calling: It’s Time To Wake Up!

calling ad 388 x372

A movie by Maxwell Igan, highlighting the challenges the world population faces, (i.e. New World Order, Government & Corporate special interests, Depopulation, Codex Alimentarius, etc). This presentation is a blending of three previous films: “The Big Picture” “Fight the NWO With Global Non Compliance” and “NWO The Final Solution.”with an unique call to action at [...]

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