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What Is Earth SonSpirit?


Earth SonSpirit is a webgathering of like-minded indivduals, who acknowledge that men’s healing, wholeness and well-being occurs primarily through a process of self-discovery. The community promotes the vision of the Awakened Warrior and the Sacred Male… men who daily seek and achieve balance with their inner and outer worlds, thereby exhibiting 12 Attributes of Manhood [...]


12 Attributes Of Manhood

Sultan_Chess_Piece_Knight 231 x 350

One of the first things that a visitor notices about our community – Earth SonSpirit – is the animation featuring 12 circling photos with identifying terms under them. They are called the 12 Attributes Of Manhood. There’s a saying in western material society which cites “the difference between men and boys, are the price of [...]


Sacred Masculinity

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SACRED MASCULINITY: A Path Toward Men’s Healing and Self-Discovery By Dr. Bill Pinder . CHOOSING A DIFFERENT DIRECTION Men are beginning to wake up to the reality that we are facing a formidable adversary which reeks havoc in our daily lives and the world in which we live. It bears no human or material form, [...]


Chivalry and The Awakened Warrior

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There are those amongst us, who believe chivalry to be a thing of the past – something subscribed to by medieval European Knights or the Samurai of pre-Western Japan only. Although these martial cultures were well noted, nothing could be further from the truth. Chivalry is the way of the Sacred Male. He lives by [...]

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