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Conscious Men Speak


There’s a new breeze in the air. After countless years of androcentric reign and influence, there’s a new male paradigm which has been emerging along with the rise of the Divine Feminine. Men of conscience, from all walks of life, who have become wearied by the old patriarchal “business as usual” motif – have begun [...]


The Men: A Declaration Of The Sacred

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Excerpted from “The Sacred Male Diaries, Vol. 1 – Introduction” . Al Fassen Tory, contributor * Assisted by Brother Kamau Da’ aood Channeled by watersun . 22 Sep, 2009 . Listen closely – now Every day, you look at us, yet most of you do not see us. We exist right beneath your nose – [...]


Developing Men Through Rites Of Passage

Male Initiate

By: Yusuf Kaba Imhotep, The MoundBuilder The concept of what a man is continues to be greatly debated. These days the dominant idea of men are, Bread winners, Head of Household, dogs, enemies, or Mates, to name a few. The question oft-times remains, “What are the qualities that truly define a man?” Our ancient cultures [...]


12 Attributes Of Manhood

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One of the first things that a visitor notices about our community – Earth SonSpirit – is the animation featuring 12 circling photos with identifying terms under them. They are called the 12 Attributes Of Manhood. There’s a saying in western material society which cites “the difference between men and boys, are the price of [...]


Sacred Masculinity

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SACRED MASCULINITY: A Path Toward Men’s Healing and Self-Discovery By Dr. Bill Pinder . CHOOSING A DIFFERENT DIRECTION Men are beginning to wake up to the reality that we are facing a formidable adversary which reeks havoc in our daily lives and the world in which we live. It bears no human or material form, [...]

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